IFR En-route (Wall) Planning Chart

Manufacturer : Indoavis (Indonesia)  
Coverage :
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Timor Leste and Darwin Australia
Information :

Indonesia IFR Wall Planning Chart is designed for IFR preflight planning and provides aeronautical and navigation information of the conterminous Indonesia. The aeronautical information includes airports, track route, distance and bearing, radio aids to navigation, Class A, B airspace and special use airspace.

Unless otherwise indicated, all bearings and radials are magnetic; enroute distances are in nautical miles; vertical measurements of elevation are in feet above mean sea level; enroute altitudes are either in feet above mean sea level (based on QNH altimeter setting) or clearly expressed as flight levels (FL).

Paper chart size, 83 x 210 Cm flat, is updated annually. Scale 1:18Nm

Aeronautical :
1. Limit & Classification of Designated Upper Airspace.
2. Airspace structure and Special Airspace
3. Aerodrome point
4. Cruising Levels, Navigation Aids
6. Radio Communication Frequencies
7. International and Domestic Route
8. Bearing and Distance to point
9. FIS frequencies
Topograpichal :
Doc. Reference :
AIP Indonesia
Remarks :
Chart update every week